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What do I wear for my photo session? Part 2

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What to wear for my 3Thirty Photo Arts Fall photo session.

It's not easy planning for a photo session. Especially when it comes to wardrobe! Well I'm here to help...and my advice is simple! NEUTRALS! These subtle tones are universally flattering, don't overpower the beautiful subjects (you and your family!) and are timeless! This category of color doesn't have to be boring, either. Explore richer neutral tones and experiment with what's best for your family's style and skin tones. Neutrals are a great ideas in mid-Fall when there is contrasting color on the trees. Your played-down colors will actually pop and not compete with the tones on the trees! Email me for links to any of these fashion suggestions and ask questions. I'm here to help your family have a successful photo session resulting in cherished portraits that will last for generations. Get shopping!

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